Simon Tars


Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Looks: 5’8" in height. Long red hair held in a ponytail. Slightly tanned skin. Deep scar on right shoulder.

Reputation: helpful in Esteron
Alignment: Neutral +4
Fame: 5 (known by some as a wizard hunter)


Simon Tars grew up in the outskirts of the town of Foxedge with his parents, Mark and Linda. Simon’s parent both worked as woodcutters, though unbeknownst to the townsfolk the two moonlighted in banditry in an attempt to afford a more luxurious life. This banditry ultimately lead to their deaths when the pair attacked a wealthy looking man they were unaware was trained in art of magic. Mark and Linda’s bodies were found by patrolling town guardsmen and the townsfolk, unaware of their violent career choice, assumed that they were struck down maliciously by an evil wizard – which is exactly what was told to the boy freshly orphaned by the events. Their funeral occurred three days before Simon’s ninth birthday.

Having been relocated to an orphanage in the Villages of Estarin, Simon did his best to attempt a normal childhood. For the first few months a fellow orphan by the name of Sancho took joy in pestering Simon using several cantrips granted to him by his sorcerer bloodline. The teasing stopped after Simon successfully ducked one of Sancho’s flares and responded with an uppercut, and the two quickly became friends. As an apology for his bullying, Sancho taught Simon some of the spells he knew, and voluntarily acted as a practice dummy for them. The friends were separated at age 12 when Sancho was adopted by a travelling Sorceror looking to train the boy.

Aged 15 and still unadopted due to an angry disposition, Simon Tars was sought out by an evaluator from a mages academy. Simon was getting too old to remain at the orphanage, and the evaluator had recieved word that he was capable of spellcasting. The evaluator was a rude man, and even the most polite diplomat wold have offended Simon with the offer to become that which killed his parents. Spitting in his face revealed that the evaluator likewise had an angry disposition, and in the ensuing brawl he summoned a magical batleaxe which ended up embedded deep in Simon’s right shoulder, a critical wound which still causes him pain to this day. From then on Simon entered the habit of saying the word wizard with a tone of disgust.

Living on his own for a time, Simon trained as a warrior with the intent to become a soldier or a guardsman when he was old enough. The pain in his shoulder proved to great to rely on brute strength, but each throb of pain drove Simon’s determination to master combat to prevent another such injury, especially at the hand of another despicable wizard. Over the next few years he learned to wield a blade with speed and finesse, so as to be fearsome in a fight while not to aggravating his wound. He became fond of the combination of the shortsword and buckler, as they provided optimal protection and damage while allowing him to keep a great swiftness and light weight.

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Simon headed to the guardhouse to enlist when he noticed a small gathering of well armed men around a bounty board. Simon felt a burning sensation in both his shoulder and his rage as he immediately recognized the face on the poster as the man who had evaluated him at the orphanage. The man had apparantly lost his temper once again, as he was now wanted for the murder of two men. Simon immediately joined the posse being assembled.

On the hunt for the wretched wizard, Simon eyed some of the skills being put to use by the party’s tracker and asked for some basic tutelage in the art, as the idea of hunting down one’s foe appealed to him greatly at the moment. The group reached a carvern housing the villainous wizard and charged to capitalise on the element of surprise. During this battle, Simon learned of a curious quality to magic called counterspelling. Simon had previously made the party’s mage aware of their target’s fondness of magically summoned weapons and armour, and now he witnessed his allied caster prevent the enemy’s attempts to arm himself by casting the same spell at the same time, cancelling out both. The vile wizard quickly realised he was outnumberred and unprepared against a team with a specialised strategy to oppose him, so in desperation he summoned a huge three-headed creature and made his escape.

Though the mission was a failure, Simon Tars had reached a revelation; he could dedicate his life to ridding the world of evil wizards – and he knew exactly how to do it. Taking a spell book that had been left in the cavern, Simon began studying it intently to perform the spells inside. Simon would learn all the secrets of the arcane he could retain and use that information against his hated enemy, using their coveted magic as a weapon against them. Simon Tars dubbed himself a “Wizard Hunter” and set out on his life’s quest. Taking bounty hunting jobs whenever he needs the money, Simon dedicates the rest of his time to hunting down heinous wizards, keeping tabs on potential targets and furthering his knowledge of their capabilities. He also enjoys riddles and crochet.

Simon Tars

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