Pan Withric

The dreaded witch of the days of dark


Age : 551
gender: Female
Race: Human
Looks: Long curly dark red hair with beads through it, attractive athletic physique, large hazel eyes and a slightly sad smile.


Pan Withric

Born 2 D
Pan was the youngest member in a family of nine, three sisters, four brothers, mother and father. Growing up in Wellmeadow pan lived a normal farming life tending to animals and preparing food to her large family. Pan’s elder sisters would often take her for day trips into Newcreast to look at all the beautiful dresses and marvel at their quality. On pans sixteenth birthday while in Newcreast trying on an expensive gown a young man approached her offering to buy it. The man introduced himself as Mitchell Vombay and after spending the day together they knew they were destine for each other. Promising to meet again soon Pan returned home having met her true love and with a new dress.

The family was elated to hear of Pans encounter with the young man and encouraged her to return to the city to find him. Not having much money Pans parents gave her enough money to stay in the city for a few weeks. During her days searching she greatly enjoyed looking at the artworks in the public square and reading books in the town library, even though her reading ability was poor. With not much money left and still no sign of Mitchell she sat sadly on the outskirts of the town square. While sitting there a pickpocket snatched her coin purse and began to run away. The thief was abruptly stopped when a man holding a wooden practice sword knocked him over. As the man returned the gold Pan was overjoyed to find it was Mitchell. After spending some days together Mitchell agreed to accompany her back to Wellmeadow, they left that day and in quite a hurry.

Arriving back in the village Pans family welcomed Mitchell with open arms, they even offered him a place on the farm, as long as he did his share of the work. Mitchell accepted and was soon a member of the family, working with them on the farm and also finding time to teach them reading and writing. Pan would now spend most of her time with Mitchell, as he would tell her stories of his adventures and tell her about the different places in the realm. After spending two years together the couple where engaged to be married.

On the day of the wedding many of the townsfolk gathered and all of Pans family were there, however not one of Mitchell relatives appeared. Wearing the same dress she got when they first met, Pan and Mitchell took their vows swearing to love each other until death. During the reception Pan and her husband snuck off and went for a walk down the river. Only just out of town while the two sat under a tree, the peace was broken as sounds of screams could be heard coming from town. The two ran back as fast as they could, on the was Mitchell grabbed a sword from their house. As they made it back the the centre of town they found all the townspeople butchered and feasting on their bodes an army of ghouls. Mitchell told Pan to run but she would not leave her love, as her fought back the waves of undead she haplessly watched on. Occasional spotting another dead family member lying in the distance.

Mitchell fought ferociously but was eventually overwhelmed by the number of foes, he fell gravely wounded. Holding His bodies was he slowly died, she didn’t think of her own safety, there was only her and her love. Although the ghouls did not attack, they stood there swaying as though waiting for a command. A figure of a man, wearing arcane robes that leaked shadowy smoke. He held in his have a staff of gold that radiated hot red energy and his face was twisted and black. He said to Pan. “I will give you the power to save him. Serve me”. Pans eyes swelled with tears as her husband was an inch from death, she agreed the the creatures terms. The creature had tricked Pan, as he did give her great power, when she tried to save Mitchell she instead condemned him to a fate worse then death. Pan had turned her husband into a monster.

Now serving this evil lord Pan spent many years killing helpless people, all while helpless herself to stop it. While she travelled the realm bringing death and destruction her husband was always by her side, her death knight, forced to follow her even after death. She would only call him by his last name during this period. For years this chaos continued. Even mighty heroes could stand in there way although each confrontation Pan wished to be defeated, her will no longer hers to command. Not until the fall of Mal’rek did the killing stop. When the demon fell, Pan found she had regained some control. She had seen to much evil done by her hands and so one day tried to end her suffering. Before she could jump to her death Mitchell stopped her, for whatever reason this made Pan question weather she could still save him. She would Spend the next three hundread and sixty years looking for a was to returns her love.

After years of searching for clues, Pan had finally discovered a way to restore Mitchell. An artifact known as the Urn Of Light was the key to breaking the curse and nothing would stop her from getting it. Hearing that the Urn was recently sold to a museum in Newcreast, Pan used her powers and stole it. But having the Urn was not enough she now needed to complete a ritual at an ancient temple towards the borders of Yessvill. Hiring some extra mussel she journeyed to the temple. On arriving at the temple they were skilfully ambushed by a team of well trained heroes. She had not come this far to be stopped now, fighting as hard as she could eventually she succumb to the might of the heroes. Pan and Mitchell had both been killed. For now.

After her death Pan was taken to a field near her home, the same field where she spent time with Mitchell on there wedding day. It was not as it once was, the smell of death filled the air and a voice whispered to her “you will always be mine” “you can not die while you still serve”. Waiting a moment under the tree she had a strange feeling and her vision filled with light.

Pan awoken to the same group of heroes that had killed her, they had been waiting for her return. Begging for mercy Pan requested they listen to her the wisest of the heroes agreed to hear her out and saw truth to her story. Helping her complete the ritual while under the watch of some guards Pan was able to return Mitchell back to normal. Both thanking the heroes and later returning to assist them Pan was now free to live out her life with her true love. Mitchell had very little memory of what had happened the past 547 years and Pan is happy of that. The two of them have been living out there days in the town of Foxedge.

Pan Hides something from the one she loves, the ritual that cured him should have cured he as well. But she still retains all the powers she gained from her dark pack with that demon. The words “you will always be mine”still repeat in her mind.

Pan Withric

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