Mazeura Chainer

Deadly Spiked Chain Weilding Fighter/Rogue


Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Looks: Slightly taller than the average man. Olive brown skin and long black dreads tied back. Distinguishing scar on the right arm that has been covered with a tribal tattoo
Equipment: Spiked Chain, Dagger 20ft link chain, padlock, thieves tools, 50ft rops, throwing knives hidden in the back of boots

Reputation: Trusted by few
Alignment: Neutral -4
Fame: 5 (known guardsman)


Born in 360AD I never knew my mother so I was raised by my father, Mazeura Smith, in the city of Irongate. We were a poor family, surviving on the small wage that my fathers smith work brought in for us. They were hard times for us and so i took to pick=pocketing to help with food. One day when I was 7 years old I was caught reaching into the pockets of a young man. He threatened to take me to the town guard so that they could teach me a lesson but luckily for me an elderly stranger, face obscured by a black cloak, stepped in. He whispered something to the young man and the man released me and backed away. As the man turned around i got my first look at Master Skellum. His face was covered in scars from the many battles he had fought in his youth and yet his light blue eyes and worn face showed nothing but kindness. Master Skellum took me home and I sat in my room as he had a conversation with my father.The door to my room finally opened and my father explained to me that i was to go with Master Skellum and that he would teach me to fight and he would also supply an education and care that I needed. So I left my father behind and went to go study with Master Skellum. I worked hard, day and night, for ten years practising hard on my chain work to be the best there was. All I could think about was doing Master Skellum and my father proud, wanting to be the greatest fighter of all time. I took dancing lessons to help with my balance and swiftness of foot. The more I worked the more I realised that I could do. I because stealthy and could sneak up on just about anyone, except Master Skellum. I found that i could contort my body into many different shapes and sizes, fitting into gaps i shouldn’t be able to and getting out of tight situations. An yet my chain work was still my greatest asset. No one my age could keep up with me. I was Master Skellums best student and at the age of 17 i was accepted into the town guard. I served loyally for 5 years. One day I returned home after a patrol to find signs of a struggle. I searched the house for Master Skellum and found him in his quarters. He was laying in a pool of his own blood, There was no movement. Embedded in his chest, where his heart would be, a dagger from Queen Artemis’ elite assassins. I went blank with loss. Not wanting to believe what happened I walked out the door, shaking in rage and sadness. I walked for days, weeks, months? I wasn’t sure . Rage slowly building in me. I knew exactly why she would do this. She didn’t want one of the finest trainers training her enemies. She took his life because if she couldn’t have him no one could.After unsuccessfully attempting to find my father I wondered the smaller towns, making a living fighting all sorts of beasts both for cities and in the pits and it is now, as i sit in this bar on my 24th birthday, that I know what i must do. I must get revenge for what Artemis has done. I WILL get revenge…

Mazeura Chainer

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