Dancemaster Bard of the Smoking Aces.


Age: Depends on your point of view, time is weird in other planes.
Gender: Male
Race: Tiefling, adopted Elvish
Class: Bard
Looks: Magestic and handsome, yet approachable. Tango-pink skin with a strange wooden sheen and scales in some places. Athletic build. Dirt-yellow hair.
Equipment: Dancemaster Cape, Hat and Boots. Hinged Blue Dragonskin Armour. Keychain of Travel. Belt of Bounce. The Lionheart family Ring of Stars. The +1 Lute of +1. The Flocking Flugelhorn. “Spectrum”, a black metal longsword wreathed in rainbow-coloured fire. And a staff of healing named Gerald. [Warning: This equipment listing may be out of date]


Born as the progeny of the union between a devil and a human, the Baby Gamel was abandonned by uncaring parents as they returned to the infernal realm. Left in an empty field, the child was discovered by Shimway, a travelling Drow merchart who happened to be passing through. The woman didn’t believe in racial intolerance, and so raised the boy undeterred by his deep-pink scaly complection, teaching him to be understanding of the persecutions brought on by people’s fear of him. After two decades of living as a barely successful merchant, Shimway retired to marry Singapore Strider and live in the undermountain cities of Vertiby. Gamel stayed with this new family for a time, but his general restlessness and tensions with his uptight stepbrother Reginald had the Tiefling return to a life of travelling. Gamel still hasn’t apologized for using his masterful vocal impersonation of Reginald Strider to set up a bar-tab that ended up costing over 400 gold pieces as a farewell party for himself and some friendly bar patrons.

As he traveled Gamel quickly fell into alcoholism, travelling between taverns around the countryside using his charisma, good looks, fun tales and musical skill to sway people into generously buying him food and drink. Gamel still brags to this day that he once spent three entire months inside a tavern without ever paying for anything or being asked to leave. While sobering up from one such bender, Gamel heard tell of a group called the Smoking Aces, who had supposedly slain the Demon Lord [whatever that demon guy was called]. Sensing an opportunity to acquire dozens of stories to tell for free drinks, Gamel traveled to the town of Norfield, which had recently been renamed Yesville by the Smoking Aces.

By chance, Gamel met Lamar Griffinfoot while searching for a tavern (coincidentally the tavern had been burned down by Griffinfoot a few days prior) and he introduced Gamel to the rest of the Smoking Aces, who allowed the bard to tag along on their adventures. Gamel quickly proved to be a valuable team member as an unexpectedly insightful man, notably navigating many tricks and traps unscathed in his debut encounter against the notorious thief Wilhelm and his house of illusions.

Over the course of his adventures, Gamel discovered a magic cloak that had special powers when one danced while wearing it. This cape inspired Gamel’s passion and he dedicated himself to learning to use the power of dance. Under the tutelage of Dancemaster Delmerro, Gamel mastered the art of dance mastery, becoming capable of incredible reality altering feats of dance. Tales say he was capable of gliding through the air majestically, blinding his foes with brilliance and even teleporting in dazzling displays of beauty.

During the Smoking Aces raid to save the Sacred Trees of Sildon from the Druid Pettigrew and his cabal of tree creatures, Gamel seductively negotiated the surrender of a dryad named Matilda, and the two began a romantic relationship shortly afterwards. In the time they spent together Gamel learned some secrets of nature magic, including the mysterious Druidic language. He even began to take on a more wooden appearance due to his consumption of some sap from one of the Sacred Trees. Unfortunately the emotional stress of the Smoking Aces time in Tamarr lead to Gamel and Matilda separating. and the two haven’t seen one another since.

Said emotional stress came from an event caused by Gamel, Ssarthulo and the Pyromancer Nuggets. Having received word from their ally Artemis that King [whatshisface] of [whatshisplace] was willing to ally with them against the Necromancer order that had taken control of Tamarr known as “The Hand”, the group decided to visit the King to evaluate the situation. Unfortunately they were tricked into delivering a cursed object by an agent operating for the Hand. Mistaken for assassins, the three had to defend themselves and use a secret passage they had discovered to evade the guards. The secret passage lead to the King’s chamber, and in their discussion with the panicked monarch he openly admitted to working compliantly with the Hand, using mind-control magic to force everyone in the castle to obey him and accepting some form of Demonic contract. After admitting all of these horrendous things, the king leapt across the room to grab a powerful magical greatsword and attacked Ssarthulo. The three adventurers quickly beat him within an inch of his life, but as the King attempted to surrender he was slain by one of Gamel’s delayed spell effects. This marked Gamel’s first intentional murder, which weighed heavily on his heart. Gamel was eventually cheered up by Gerald, a magic staff he wielded with surprising effectiveness, who summoned a tavern from 200 years in the past to help Gamel get sufficiently drunk.

Unbeknownst to everyone except Gerald, the inebriated Gamel came up with a plan to salvage their potential alliance with the Kingdom of [whatshisplace]. Utilising his Mask of the Faceless to change his appearance and coupling it with his masterful impersonation of his step-brother Reginald Strider, he disguised himself as a detective sent by a nearby Drow city to investigate the regicide. With this disguise he convinced the people of [whatshisplace] that the “assassins” were in fact a group of devilish creatures summoned by the Hand to impersonate the Smoking Aces.

Little is known about Gamel’s whereabouts since the Smoking Aces journey into the Door of Aeons, but several artifacts that once belonged to him have been found in unusual places.


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