Chryon The Moon Wolf

Shine strong in the light of the moon


Age: 384
Gender: Male
Race: Moon Wolf
Looks: Standing taller then a man, in normal light you see his body covered in scars and bites, with a mangy dull coat but when the moon light hits him he glows a beautiful white and eradicates with a fearsome yet proud aura.


Chryon was born from a shooting star the day Mal’rek was banished. Growing up near a remote human village he was always intrigued with mankind. He would often follow the humans from a distance and imitate the sounds they made. One day as he was basking in the moonlight a boy from the village saw him and with a wooden stick in hand tried to attack him. Chryon begged the boy to stop in the humans language, the boy was startled at first but trusted the wolf. The two became friends and as the boy and the wolf grew up, their friendship grew as well.

The boy would teach him many things, Language, art how sing but most of their time was spent talking to each other about life and family. Every night the boy would come and sit next to Chryon and in those times he would always feel at peace.

When a traveling pack of wolfs had come to the area for hunting Chryon would often join in and enjoyed himself during a hunt. The regular hunting swiftly improved his abilities, sometimes he was so exceptional he could share a whole kill without worrying about going hungry. Finding this new family made him happy. These wolfs soon became family and he loved them as they were.

Chryon often will look deep into the beauty of the moon. Every night it would talk to him, reassuring him and easing his animal side. It was on this night the boy came to sit with the wolf. Chryon, so at ease forgot that his pack was returning. happening before Chryon could react a wolf jumped at the boy and held him until his body went limp. Chryon didn’t understand why the wolf attacked the boy, he tried to speak to it but the wolf did not respond. As the moon was curtained by a cloud Chryon lost control and by the time the moon was back all the wolfs were dead and Chryon was alone.

As Chryon howled to the moon in grief, resting upon his fallen family. The moon spoke to him solace. Taking the spirits of his family the moon would make sure Chryon was never alone. They would always look down on him and offer their strength.

many years after Chryon traveled with wolfs again but still none of the humans would trust him. When traveling on the edge of the Savage Lands he found a pack of dire wolfs that could understand him. He demanded their respect and lead them from place to place. when traveling around Yesvill a wolf attacked a human, Chryon stopped the wolf before a kill. This would happen a several more times.

Because of the attacks hunters eventually found Chryon and his family. Chryon bargained with them and in doing so saved his family lives. Since then people have been more willing to trust and on occasion even the humans were glad to see him.

Chryon The Moon Wolf

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