Apolin (King Of Light/ God Of Light)

A celestial being sent to fight the darkness


Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Looks: An angelic embodiment of good, fine soft features with glowing white eyes and large white wings. Wears no armor and carries no weapon, only his long white robes and golden bracers.
Alignment: Good
Shrine Location: Esteron


Said to be the son of the true God, Apolin came to the land to help the mortals. He felt sorry for them having such emotions as; anger, hate and sorrow. After Apolin helped the mortals find peace he then turned his eyes to a growing evil. When the crypt of Mal’rek was found he warned against opening it, but would never interfere with the humans curiosity using violence or magic.

Once the Crypt was opened he had no other choice than to create the Lumni. There were 9 pure Lumni chosen by Apolin.

After the battle at Esteron it was said Apolin merely retreated and was not killed.

Apolin (King Of Light/ God Of Light)

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