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The Realm Of Light is once again threatened by the forces of evil. After a team of mighty heroes bravely entered the land of Tamarr to put a stop to the wicked plans of The Hand, a gathering of five liches that together control sections of Tamarr. Primarily they were there to find clues on how to prevent the return of Mal’rek, the demon god, who had previously brought over 200 years of darkness to the Realm. After defeating three of the five liches: Vols Mktar, Kartos Vek and Vamal, the heroes hurried back to the Realm to confront the Door of Eons where they would face Mal’rek before he reached full power. Opening the door with a mystical key, it sealed behind the heroes and neither they nor the demon have been seen since.

Although the return of Mal’rek was stopped, there was little to celebrate. The loss of such mighty heroes would be sorely missed for the years to come. Not long after the victory a high cleric of the Order Of Light foretold the coming of a great evil, the Trolich. He prophesied that the land would fall into darkness and the young would die and soon after all life would cease to be. Artimus the sage of Yesvill denied the cleric’s words and forbade the Order from conducting its ceremonies, eventually outlawing them altogether. There was great unrest as cities loyal to the Order were forced to chose between their economic and political standings with the superpower Yesvill or the wisdom and charity of the Order. Sadly only the great city of Esteron supported the Order and for that there was an embargo placed on the city of heroes. But alas Artimus did not stop there.

After the disappearance of the steward of Yesvill, Jean Pall, Artimus took up the role herself. She used her new power to close the borders between The Realm of light and Tamarr to stop potential cultists coming though. Soon after an incident known as the ‘immigrant tower massacre’ occurred where hundreds of refugees attempting to enter the Realm were killed by the tower. The same tower that had previously been used to guard against evil legions of undead. Artimus improved her standings with the capital Newcrest with a long lasting treaty supplying trade, technological advances and military alliance between the two cities. She sealed the alliance by renaming the city Talrith in honour of the King. This alliance would soon be known as the Kingdom of Unity which would encompass everything south of Irongate. One year after the treaty was signed Artimus and the King Talrith were married in Newcrest.

The Order of Light and the Kingdom of Unity enjoyed 3 years of peace. However worrying signs appeared that suggested some truth to what the cleric had said. Most new born animals would die or have strange defects. The days had become several minutes shorter. It was when abnormal amounts of human pregnancies started failing that the Kingdom blamed the Order for bringing the omens. As the accusations were absurd, the ruler of Esteron, Maxwell Lumniess, went to the capital to protest their innocence. On the day of the arbitration, while alone with the king, Maxwell assassinated him. He was captured whilst trying to escape and is currently held under heavy guard in the city prisons. With a heavy heart Artimus accepted the position Queen Sage, of the Kingdom of Unity.

Now declared rebels, the people of Esteron and the Order of Light, fight a war on two sides; one with the never ending armies of undead to the east of Lockmarsh and another with the forces of the Kingdom of Unity to the south. For a land filled with heroes, Esteron is truly in need of them now.

Realm Of Light

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